KLA is inviting you to join us Thursday, March 12, 7:00 A.M. to hear Joe Coughlin share his experiences of ministry in the marketplace.

Joe Coghlin, owner Coconut Joe's

Joe Coughlin, owner
Coconut Joe’s

Joe is best known as the founder of Coconut Joe’s, a local restaurant, catering and banquet hall business, but his real passion is what he calls Coconut College. Joe has shared for years as a speaker in college classrooms, high schools, churches, and service organizations and now is preparing to launch the completed lesson plan community-wide. Come for a behind-the‐scenes look at the reasons why Joe is so passionate about sharing Coconut College with others. His message for Christian leaders promises to challenge our thinking on how we see the world around us. It is a call for leadership in our community, and Joe comes armed with some amazing statistics and eye‐opening realities. Don’t miss it!

You may purchase tickets in advance and register your attendance here.