KLA Pray


What is KLA-Pray?

KLA-Pray is a county-wide prayer strategy uniting local churches in cooperative prayer.  We are working together to cover Bakersfield and Kern County in nonstop strategic prayer and worship.  Local churches are enthusiastically responding as they sense God’s pleasure over this endeavor.

The Strategy

Each church commits to just one day of prayer per month and appoints a Prayer Coordinator to organize believers to take “prayer shifts” to ensure round-the-clock prayer.  These coordinators meet four times a year to share testimonies, clarify vision, receive encouragement, and pray for the community.

Prayer Focus

Churches pray first for their own local church, and then for identified needs of the city and county. An informative prayer focus guide is provided to all churches by KLA-Pray.  The prayer focus guide facilitates informed prayer, promotes cooperative focus, and allows us to monitor measurable results and hoped-for transformation in Bakersfield and Kern County. The KLA-Pray prayer focus guide includes input from Transformation Team members. Transformation Team members are believers who work and have hands-on experience/knowledge in seven spheres; business, education, health-care, government, media/arts/entertainment, family, and church (strategic missions).

The Method

Churches develop their own culture of a day-of-prayer as they sense the leading of the Holy Spirit for their congregation.  A common option is to invite 24 people to take a 1hr shift (or 48 people to take a 30 minute shift) to cover the (monthly) day of prayer.  They are welcome to pray during that hour in their homes, come down to the church’s prayer room, or go on a prayer walk, etc.  Another option is to open up a prayer room and invite people to come and pray/worship together at the church.

The Message

KLA-Pray is not about KLA!  It is not about any organization or any individual local church.  It is simply an organized, intentional, local church-centered strategy that allows believers from diverse Christian traditions to cooperate in prayer for positive transformation to impact a world in desperate need of Christ’s compassionate love.  KLA-Pray encourages unity, not uniformity.

It is a strategic call to respond to His invitation to “humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways” (2 Chron. 7:14) so that He may hear our prayers, forgive our sin and heal our land!  Our prayers and cooperation will be for the spread of His fame, for the extension of His reign, for the increase of His gain, and for the honor of His claim!

It’s our heart’s desire that through ceaseless prayer and worship we would spread a passion for the ‘Supremacy of Christ’ in all things!  We joyfully invite you to join other local churches in Kern County as we seek God’s face and see God transform our region for His glory!