Kern Leadership Alliance Breakfast 2009

January 2009The first Kern Leadership Breakfast.  This breakfast served as a time to share testimonies, innovations, and community updates of what God is doing as followers of Jesus serve our community together. The theme was “Missional Discipleship: How mentoring outside the four walls of a church transforms the lives of those most at risk and makes our community safer, more prosperous and increasingly open to Christ.”  Followers of Jesus are being deployed into schools, workplaces and community centers – and miracles of Grace are occurring.

February 2009 Flood of Grace: How the needs of the impoverished and homeless in our community are being addressed by Flood Ministries, a collaborative effort that has teamed together volunteers from 13 churches (and counting).  Homeless children, young people and adults are finding hope in Christ as followers of Jesus work together at Flood. Mayor Harvey Hall added a special word of appreciation.

March 2009 A theme of “Faith for the Children.”  We heard from leaders in public education and from community organizations on how Christ is at work among those who serve our children in this county, and of avenues for effective involvement.

April 2009 –  Dr. H. Norman Wright shared on the theme: “Loss, Grief and Hope in this Economic Downturn”.  We became much better equipped to both lead and support those around us as we learn from this nationally recognized expert in grief and recovery.

May 2009 We met on the theme of “Faith for the Children.” Our speakers were Colleen McGauley, Executive Director of C.A.S.A and Kevin Silberberg, Superintendent of Standard School District.

June 2009 – A theme of “Crisis or Opportunity – the Impact of Local and State Budget Cutbacks on our Community, Safety, Family and Children.”   Each day we are hearing of the potential impact of the local and state budget cuts about to take place.  Even if the worst case scenarios do not take place, all involved agree that there is a disaster about to hit life as we have known it.  We were informed by community leaders, including Bakersfield Police Chief Bill Rector, Kern County Supervisor Mike Maggard, Director of Public Health John Nilon, and Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Human Services Dena Brashear.

July/August  – Summer Break

September 2009 –   Dr. Claudia Jonah, Public Health Officer for Kern County, Glynda Martin, Coordinator for Safe Schools, Healthy Students, Standard School District, and Kim Albers, Director of Flood Ministries  shared how people have come together to address important needs, and how opportunities for further involvement have been provided. Vice Mayor, Zack Scrivner closed and share from the perspective of local government.

October 2009 –  The focus for the October KLA breakfast was around the theme “My business is the Father’s Business: Workplace Leadership as Service for Christ.” Featured presenters were Ray Dezember, a leader in local businesses and industries and an enthusiastic advocate for the Southern San Joaquin Valley, Holly Culhane, president of PAS Associates, and responding comments by Supervisor Ray Watson.

November 2009 – Congressman McCarthy shared how he approaches his public service as his assignment to “full-time ministry” for Christ, and how each of us from our varied spheres of influence can make a difference in the critical decisions facing our nation.

December 2009 – Bob Beehler, president of San Joaquin Community Hospital, shared how his staff expresses God’s love to our community by embracing Sacred Work, a culture where employees recognize that no matter what they do, their work is sacred because their life and the lives of those they serve are sacred.  We heard how followers of Jesus care for the whole person by providing physical, mental, and spiritual healing – both to their patients and “the people who take care of people.”

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