DER for Churches

Kern Leadership Alliance’s DISASTER & EMERGENCY RESPONSE plan prepares the faith community to effectively respond in the event of a local disaster. In collaboration with public and private agencies (including American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Kern County Office of Emergency Services, Kern County Department of Public Health, Bakersfield Fire Department, and San Joaquin Community Hospital), Kern Leadership Alliance trains and mobilizes churches to serve as shelters, staging areas, and distribution centers for disaster relief. Currently 150 churches are participating in the community-wide strategic initiative.

When disaster strikes “like a thief in the night” will our community be prepared?

That is the question members Kern Leadership Alliance asked in regards to the faith community here in Kern County. We live in dangerous times. Terrorism is on the rise, with elevated threat levels now a part of our daily routine. We have watched thousands experience loss of life, property, and security when hurricanes, earthquakes, and wild fires have struck unexpectedly.

How can we, as a faith community, prepare ourselves to respond should disaster strike?

As people of faith, are we prepared to be the caring hands of Jesus during a disaster, extended to those who are afraid, in need of shelter, in need of hope? As part of its efforts to engage followers of Jesus to work together for community transformation, Kern Leadership Alliance is collaborating with public and private agencies to mobilize people of faith, as well as churches, to become part of a community-wide strategy for disaster preparedness.

Join with Kern Leadership Alliance to better serve our community in times of greatest need?

If you would like more information on how to get involved, whether you are a church or an individual, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will start by providing you simple first steps to ready your family, church and community for unforeseen life-threatening disasters. We can then help you build a plan that will allow your church aid in sustaining our community in time of crisis.

By becoming involved with DER you will have access to:

  • The Disaster & Emergency Response Manual for Kern County, which will help your church create a plan
  • Table top trainings that challenge you to think and respond to high-pressure situations
  • Continued training opportunities by partners of DER
  • Red Cross Certification, depending on your level of interest, to potentially limit your liability for facility damage in the event of a large event
  • Priority delivery of state emergency supplies such as vaccinations, food, and medical equipment

“The Church has a unique ministry during and after a disaster. Disasters provide some of the greatest opportunities to minister to the needs of the community. The Church’s involvement (or lack of involvement) speaks volumes and leaves a lasting imprint upon the lives of those directly affected by disaster” -Disaster & Emergency Response Manual