Oildale Leadership Alliance Breakfast – January 21st – Disaster Preparedness with Dennis Thompson

Saturday, January 21st
Hodel’s Country Dining
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Disaster Preparedness
As people of faith, are we prepared to be the caring hands of Jesus during a disaster, extended to those who are afraid, in need of shelter, in need of hope? As part of its efforts to engage followers of Jesus to work together for community transformation, Disaster & Emergency Response (DER) is collaborating with public and private agencies to mobilize people of faith, as well as churches, to become part of a community-wide strategy for disaster preparedness.

Through the shared vision of private donors and many volunteers, DER is able to provide this service to our community at no cost to you.  Join us to receive educational material including local resources that can help you prepare, disaster planning resources for church leaders, and handouts for church members.

Speaker Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson lives in fulltime ministry preparing Kern County for the next inevitable disaster.   Currently Dennis volunteers as a Crisis Responder with Victim Relief Ministries, as Chairman of Kern Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (Kern VOAD), as a Board Member with Disaster Assistance & Recovery Team (DART), and as Co-Chair of Disaster Emergency Response Committee (DER).

Having over 36 years experience with the Kern County Fire Department, retiring as the Fire Chief & Director of Emergency Services, Dennis uses his expertise to prepare leaders in our community to serve in times of crisis.

For more biographical information click here.   To network with Dennis Thompson on LinkedIn click here.

OLA Breakfast with Speaker Lorenzo Botello of DER

Oildale Leadership Alliance Breakfast

Disaster & Emergency Response with LORENZO BOTELLO

The Church has a unique ministry during and after a disaster. Disasters provide some of the greatest opportunities to minister to the needs of the community. The Church’s involvement (or lack of involvement speaks) volumes and leaves a lasting imprint upon the lives of those directly affected by disaster. As both community members and follower of Jesus, we have the responsibility to ensure our community is prepared.

Speaker Lorenzo Botello helped found Disaster & Emergency Response (DER) to prepare churches for serving the community. In collaboration with public and private agencies (including American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Kern County Office of Emergency Services, Kern County Department of Public Health, Bakersfield Fire Department, and San Joaquin Community Hospital), DER trains and mobilizes churches to serve as shelters, staging areas, and distribution centers for disaster relief. Currently 150 churches are participating in the community-wide strategic initiative. Join us to hear about the exciting progress DER has made and where they are heading.

January 15th
8:00 to 10:00 a.m.
Hodel’s Country Dining
5917 Knudsen Drive

Tickets are $12.95. You can purchase tickets through Paypal or at the door. If you prefer to pay at the door, please rsvp by emailing kernleadershipalliance@gmail.com or calling(661)323-8002.

Dec 2010 Pastoral Call to Action

Greetings to all of you community and church leaders. Due to a local emergency being proclaimed we are encouraging you to be thinking about things you can do to help people in your sphere of influence. Many of you are probably thinking there isn’t much we can do because this is a matter primarily for emergency services.

If we are primarily thinking about healthy people, there probably isn’t much that needs to be done. Most people are capable of getting out and tending to their basic necessities. But we cannot assume this is the case with our elderly and homebound friends. Many may be hesitant to go out into this weather even though they may legitimate needs. Anybody notice how many elderly weren’t in church Sunday morning?

What can we do? The most important thing is to call the elderly and homebound people in your sphere of influence checking on a few specific issues:

1. Find out if they are in a flood zone or power outage zone and if they have any specific needs

2. Ask if they have adequate food and water supplies

3. Ask if their medications are up-to-date and if they have at least a weeks’ supply

4. Finally, acknowledge that they may be feeling isolated and prayer with them over the phone

As you are asking these questions you may come across a few emergencies that need to be addressed. Below are two sections from our Disaster & Emergency Response Manual addressing what to do in the event of a flood-related emergency. If you have any further questions please contact Kern Leadership Alliance at 661.323.8002.

We want to thank you for taking the time to consider doing this and encourage you to be the church to isolated people.

-KLA’s Disaster & Emergency Response Committee


Steve Chamber’s Retirement Party

After 20 years serving Kern County, Steve Chambers is retiring.  Mark your calendar for Steve Chambers’ retirement celebration:
Friday, January 28th, 6:00pm at Hodel’s
Cost is $25 each, which includes dinner, dessert, tip, and a gift
Please RSVP and make checks payable to:
Carolyn Forster

Steve Chamber’s Retirement Party Flyer

DER Table Top September 30th

Is your church becoming involved in Kern Leadership Alliance’s Disaster and Emergency Response Program (DER)?  Please join us on September 30th for a training session to see how well prepared, or unprepared, you are for an emergency.

Table Top attendees will be dividing into groups and given a scenario.  Your church has been destroyed in an earthquake but you have a fully functioning parking lot – how do you serve your members?  What resources do you have that will help?  How many people can you expect to visit your facility?  At the end of the event we will come together and debrief on our situations.

If you have your DER Manual bring it.  If you don’t, one will be provided to you!

KLA participates in Prepare the Way for Disaster Day

KLA participates in Prepare the Way for Disaster Day

DisasterGarth: November 14, 2007 – Kern Leadership Alliance is mobilizing followers of Jesus to prepare our community for disaster. First Presbyterian Church, with the help of Kern Leadership Alliance, was ready to act as an overflow shelter during the city-wide “Prepare the Way for Disaster” Day exercise on Wednesday, November 14. The church campus rehearsed its ability to receive families in need of shelter, had nurses on site to evaluate medical needs and county health professionals available to assist those experiencing anxiety. This event implemented a portion of the Kern Leadership Alliance Emergency Response Plan created for churches. This plan helps congregational members help each other in times of disaster, prepares church sites to be used as shelters, and mobilizes members of churches to be equipped and prepared to be “the hands of Jesus” to others in times of distress.

DisasterPastorJeff: Pastor Jeff Chandler began the day’s event by meeting with his staff to go over the plan before the simulated earthquake occurred at 9:00 a.m. Various duties such as checking on gas and water lines, securing other church buildings, and retrieving necessary equipment were handed out to each member before the event occurred. After the earthquake, church staff received a simulated call regarding the need to open an over-flow shelter.

Utilizing First Presbyterian’s gymnasium, Red Cross personnel arrived with cots and blankets to set up the mock shelter. Volunteers from First Presbyterian’s staff and congregation were used as victims arriving at the shelter site. The Department of Public Health sent two nurses to help assist with simulated medical concerns ranging from loss of medication to diabetic shock. Psychological help was made available to victims through the Department of Mental Health. Four representatives counseled several volunteers suffering from the trauma of the event. Scenarios varies from mothers without their children and families dealing with loss of life to varying degrees of sheer panic.

DisasterSteveKarenJohn: Today’s demonstration was deemed a success. Red Cross Program Director Steve Rodriguez announced to all involved that he was fully confindent we would have been able to handle a full-fledged shelter situation thanks to the Kern Leadership Alliance, Red Cross, Department of Public and Mental Health, CERT, and the staff of First Presbyterian Church.

Building on Wednesday’s trial run, Kern Leadership Alliance hopes to assist other congregations in the upcoming year in becoming prepared to help those in our community in times of disaster. We celebrate this successful first step on KLA’s Disaster and Emergency Response Committee, and applaud the ongoing work of team leaders John Nilon, Miles Muzio, and Connie Wattenbarger.

The effort to bring partnership between the faith community and existing government and emergency services first responders represents one way in which Kern Leadership Alliance engages followers of Jesus to work together for community transformation.