Kern Leadership Alliance November Breakfast – Speaker Colleen McGauley

Kern Leadership Alliance Breakfast
November  10, 2011
with speaker Colleen McGauley
Whom He calls, He equips

November 10, 2011
7:00 to 8:00 a.m.
The Petroleum Club of Bakersfield
5060 California Avenue, 12th Floor

Children are a blessing from God. We grow our children by teaching, loving, and protecting them.  In our community, there are children with parents that are unable to protect them.  When these children need the legal system to intervene in their lives, who makes sure that their best interests are represented?

Our speaker, Colleen McGauley, is the Executive Director of CASA Kern County. Since stepping up in 2001, CASA Kern County has doubled in both the number of active volunteers and number children served annually.  Mrs. McGauley has led several advocacy projects in the juvenile dependency system over her tenure, including the Urgent Action Team, Educational Stability Task Force for Foster Children, and NonProfit Leadership Forum of the Bakersfield Rotary Club.  Come hear how Colleen McGauley views her job as full-time ministry.

More biographical information:

Colleen A. McGauley, Executive Director CASA of Kern County, has been with CASA since their inception in 1994.  Colleen was the first CASA volunteer in juvenile court in Kern County, and has continued to serve as a CASA volunteer throughout her tenure.  She stepped up to become the  Director in October 2001 and under her leadership CASA has doubled both the number of active volunteers, and the number of abused children served annually.  The CASA program of Kern County is a well respected nonprofit in Kern County, and throughout California. Ms McGauley has led several systemic advocacy projects in the juvenile dependency system over her tenure.  Most notably, the Urgent Action Team which triages the needs of emancipating foster youth and wards, along with the Educational Stability Task Force for Foster Children.  As an active Rotarian, and passionate about strengthening nonprofits, Colleen co-leads the NonProfit Leadership Forum of the Bakersfield Rotary Club.

Colleen received her bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, and completed her MPA from CSUB in June 2008. Colleen was honored to receive the Outstanding Alumnus award from the School of Business and Public Administration at CSUB for 2010-2011.

Colleen was raised in Southern California but came to Bakersfield after living in rural Northwest Alaska, above the Arctic Circle for four years.  Her Alaska experiences involved working with troubled Inupiak youth.  Colleen loves to golf, is a “needy knitter”, and is a stained glass artist.

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