March Leadership Breakfast with Chief Tommy Tunson

March 10, 2011 – A strong relationship between citizens and their police department serves to lift up the entire community. With dedication and professionalism, the police department is on the front lines in the fight against criminal activity in Kern County. We are blessed to have a police department composed of highly skilled individuals with a history of serving their city and country.

Arvin Chief of Police, TOMMY TUNSON, is among the heroes working to bring our county together. Police Chief Tunson has 32 years experience in law enforcement and has served as a police chief for 12 years. Chief Tunson is also a highly decorated retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel with 33 years of service.

Arvin Police Chief Tommy Tunson inspired guests as he spoke on his fierce patriotism and gave witness to the numerous miracles he’s seen during his extensive military and law enforcement career. He conveyed his passion for service as he described his involvement with the Arvin community, including monthly visits to every elementary school to speak with classrooms. Through his servitude to the community he is actively serving the Lord. We prayed over Chief Tuscon and left the breakfast challenged to find new ways to serve in His name.

Breakfast Photos

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