Dec 2010 Pastoral Call to Action

Greetings to all of you community and church leaders. Due to a local emergency being proclaimed we are encouraging you to be thinking about things you can do to help people in your sphere of influence. Many of you are probably thinking there isn’t much we can do because this is a matter primarily for emergency services.

If we are primarily thinking about healthy people, there probably isn’t much that needs to be done. Most people are capable of getting out and tending to their basic necessities. But we cannot assume this is the case with our elderly and homebound friends. Many may be hesitant to go out into this weather even though they may legitimate needs. Anybody notice how many elderly weren’t in church Sunday morning?

What can we do? The most important thing is to call the elderly and homebound people in your sphere of influence checking on a few specific issues:

1. Find out if they are in a flood zone or power outage zone and if they have any specific needs

2. Ask if they have adequate food and water supplies

3. Ask if their medications are up-to-date and if they have at least a weeks’ supply

4. Finally, acknowledge that they may be feeling isolated and prayer with them over the phone

As you are asking these questions you may come across a few emergencies that need to be addressed. Below are two sections from our Disaster & Emergency Response Manual addressing what to do in the event of a flood-related emergency. If you have any further questions please contact Kern Leadership Alliance at 661.323.8002.

We want to thank you for taking the time to consider doing this and encourage you to be the church to isolated people.

-KLA’s Disaster & Emergency Response Committee


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