Rising to the Challenges of Education in Kern County

Rising to the Challenges of Education in Kern County, Speaker Christine Lizardi Frazier

Two-time British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Upon the education of the people of this country, the fate of this country depends.”  Few will argue about the significance of education and yet public education faces challenges as never before.  Funds grow tighter, students are more violent and less nurtured, philosophies of education compete, and the content of textbooks and reading lists are front-page debates.  Clearly, leadership in education is at a level of unprecedented importance.

Our breakfast speaker, CHRISTINE LIZARDI FRAZIER, Kern County Superintendent of Schools, oversees 49 public school districts at 267 school sites that serve over 200,000 students.  Two of the 49 school districts that fall under her leadership, Kern High School District and Bakersfield City School District, are among California’s largest school districts.
Dr. Frazier shared how she approaches her responsibilities as superintendent of schools as a ministry assigned to her by the Lord.  She shared the testimony of her personal journey of faith, her assessment of the state of public education, and her vision for how we can be a part of seeing the education of our children serve as a key to community transformation.

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