Crisis or Opportunity? – Kern Leadership Breakfast to Mobilize Believers

PhotobucketJune 11, 2009 –Kern County 2009:

• Medical services for tens of thousands of children stopped;

• Thousands of families suddenly homeless;

• Hundreds of prisoners released early from incarceration;

• Drastic cut-backs in law-enforcement officers, medical personnel and social workers.

Each day we are hearing of the potential impact of the local and state budget cuts about to take place. Even if the worst case scenarios do not take place, all involved agree that there is a disaster about to hit life as we have known it.

While government is forced to reform, the most vulnerable in our community will feel the greatest devastation, and the already at-risk neighborhoods will be threatened with overwhelming violence, criminal activities and hopelessness. Soon after, every resident and every neighborhood will be impacted.

At times like this, Jesus has mandated his followers to engage with our community, not withdraw behind the safety of the walls of our churches.

“Crisis or Opportunity – the Impact of Local and State Budget Cutbacks on our Community, Safety, Family and Children”

Our June breakfast serves as KLA’s first step to mobilize followers of Jesus to provide coordinated leadership for our community in this developing situation.

Come be informed by community leaders, including Bakersfield Police Chief Bill Rector, Kern County Supervisor Mike Maggard, Director of Public Health John Nilon, and Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Human Services Dena Brashears.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Now is the time for followers of Jesus to rise up and lead our community out of crisis.

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