KLA Prayer Meeting – June 2008

June 24, 2008 – June’s prayer meeting was blessed with many new faces with many different walks of life represented.  We praise God for all your prayers.  God’s presence was definitely felt as we called on Him.

Our monthly prayer meeting is our opportunity to pray for our community.  Each month we lift up our community’s most pressing needs to God.

This month, we prayed for our faith-based ministries that are active in Gang Intervention.  The City and the County have reported a decrease in the gang violence and we wanted to continue to praise God for His faithfulness.  We prayed for His strength and encouragement to fall on those who are on the frontlines.  Daily they mentor and mediate and are used to make the difference in people’s hearts.

We also prayed for the unemployed in our community and those impacted by foreclosures.  In these challenging times, we need to seek God for His provision and His wisdom in creating employment opportunities for these individuals.

We closed our prayer meeting with a prayer for our County Clerk.  We must encourage her and stand by her for the decisions she is making.

Our next prayer meeting will be on July 8th.  We look forward to lifting up our prayers again to Him.
In your devotional time, please continue to pray over the areas discussed above.



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